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Excellence in Airport Concessions

ACI-NA’s 2020 Excellence in Airport Concessions Awards promotes the innovative spirit of the airport concessions industry and recognizes excellence in airport concessions programs.

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The contest is open to all ACI-NA members, regardless of whether you work for an airport, concessions operator or service provider. Airports of ALL sizes are encouraged to participate and will only compete against other similarly-sized airports. (i.e., small airports compete only against small airports, etc.)

Eligible submissions for the 2020 contest are concepts/programs that opened between January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2019.

“New” is defined as a concept that has been in operation for two years or less at an airport. There is no minimum time length for a concept or program to be in operation for, as long as they opened before December 31, 2019.

Please note that 2019 first-place winners cannot be nominated this year for the same category but can be nominated in a different category. Also, an airport, concessions operator or service provider can make multiple submissions for different categories or in the same category for different concepts/services. 

Only self-submissions are permitted – No Exceptions

For example, if you are an airport member, you can only submit an entry for a program operating at your airport. However, concession developers can submit for Airport Awards as they may operate the airport’s concession program. If you are a concessionaire, you can only submit an entry for a concept that your company operates.


To enter a program or concepts, complete the online submission process no later than Friday, March 20, 2020. Each airport/concessionaire will set up one online account with contact information for one representative. All submissions must be received by ACI-NA no later than Friday, March 20, 2020. By submitting materials, the airport  or concessionaire agrees that all entries become ACI-NA property for display purposes.

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Awards are presented for both airports and for concessions providers. 

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After the online account is established, choose the category you wish to enter from the drop-down menu.

The submission process consists of two parts for each submission:

Profile Form – Enter the entry statements in the allotted space. Submit easy-to-read entry statements. The suggested word length for each of the three judging criteria is 200 words, and the statements can be written in narrative or bullet format.

PowerPoint Presentation – Upload a PowerPoint presentation that provides visual depictions of the program and/or concept to complement the descriptive information. The purpose of the slide presentation is to provide visual images of the program/concepts to enable the judges to more thoroughly understand your concession program/concept and the build-out for the program/concepts.  Please only upload PowerPoint or PDF files.

Each PowerPoint submission must have a maximum of six (6) slides (excluding Title Page)

If applicable, video files can be uploaded as well separately. While you can provide a YouTube or similar web link, ensure that it is embedded in the PowerPoint Presentation.

Once completed, the system will prompt you to exit or you can submit another entry.

All submissions must be received by ACI-NA no later than Friday, March 20, 2020.

Any questions regarding format or process can be sent to awards@airportscouncil.org  

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Entries will be judged by an independent panel comprised of high-level professionals representing the various disciplines reflected in this contest (i.e., food and beverage, retail, mall development, consumer groups, architecture, and academic communities). In addition to the independent panel, a minimum of one representative from the previous years’  overall winner will be involved in the judging process.

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