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2024 Concessions Person of the Year

The Concessions Person of the Year award will recognize a professional working at an airport, who has contributed to enhancing the North American airport concession industry through their time, involvement, and expertise. Only people working for ACI-NA members will be considered for the award. Note: The nomination form for the Concessions Person of the Year Award is separate from the overall concessions category entry form.

The nominee must be employed by an ACI-NA member Airport. The recommendation letter must be signed by the Airport Chief Executive Officer/ Official Representative. 

The letter must consist of no more than two pages (single-spaced) and should be submitted online explaining why the employee deserves the recognition. Using no more than two pages, describe why the nominee merits being selected for this award, including, but not limited to, the following:

Excellence in Performance (10 points)

  • What impact has this person had on the industry or respective airport?
  • How did they demonstrate a commitment to the customer experience?
  • Examples of the ability to maintain a positive attitude even while dealing with adversity

Team Qualities (10 points)

  • Examples of how the individual is seen as a mentor to co-workers
  • Examples of how the individual embodies the organization ethos
  • How does the individual builds and foster strong relationships with a high level of credibility?

The recommendation letter and photos/videos must be submitted in the allotted space within the entry form.

Submissions must be received by close of business Eastern Time on Friday, April 19, 2024. By submitting materials to the contest, the airport/company agrees that all entries become ACI-NA property for promotional and display purposes.

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