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Risk Management Professional of the Year Award

The ACI-NA Risk Management Professional of the Year Award was created in 2019 to recognize outstanding performance in the practice of risk management within the North American airport industry.


Any ACI-NA member involved in risk management for a small, medium or large U.S./Canadian airport (based on FAA enplanement data for calendar year 2022) can be nominated. Nominations from Canadian airports will be assigned to the closest FAA hub category on the basis of enplaned passengers in 2022. The person need not practice risk management full time, but the candidate must be a full-time employee of the airport for which they practice risk management.  The candidate may be nominated by anyone familiar with the nominee's work, such as a superior, the risk management staff, a colleague at another airport, a broker, insurer or other service supplier. There is a 5-year grace period before an individual previously awarded the Risk Management Professional of the Year can be considered again for the award.

One award recipient will be selected from each of the following categories:

  • Large Airport 
  • Medium Airport
  • Small Airport


In order for the nomination to be considered complete, nominees must provide detailed information regarding their nomination and Risk Management experience as well as a letter of endorsement of the candidate by an executive of their airport or organization. The letter must certify the accuracy of the information submitted in the nomination.


Judges will score the candidates 1 – 10 on the criteria below with 1 being low and 10 being high. The candidate with the highest score will be named Risk Management Professional of the Year (small, medium or large hub).

  • Criterion 1: Established and/or implemented risk management strategies that are based on the airport’s business model.
  • Criterion 2: Tackled and solved one or more major problem(s) for their airport, e.g., creatively and effectively used risk financing/insurance or risk transfer program to solve a specific issue, led a major risk management training initiative that improved performance, collaborated with another function to address an emerging risk, etc.
  • Criterion 3: Innovatively engaged in applying diverse strategies and techniques in developing integrated organizational risk management competencies, such as enterprise risk management, strategic risk management, business continuity management, safety and health management, information and privacy management, compliance management, claims management, etc.
  • Criterion 4: Advanced the risk management profession (as well as their career) through engagement, e.g., risk management related awards, certifications/designations, mentoring, public speaking, advocacy, research, guest lecturing, publications, etc.


Judges are given submissions as-is and the identical category criteria that airport participants are given to score each entry.

The panel of judges will be facilitated by ACI-NA and consist of previous ACI-NA Risk Management Committee Chairs and distinguished experts with background and/or responsibility in the aviation/risk management industry.


The first phase of the online nomination form must be completed no later than Friday, October 6 by 5:00 PM Eastern Time.  For the second phase, nominees must submit a letter of endorsement by an executive at their airport and detailed information regarding the nomination (based on the criteria). The detailed, supporting documents file must be no longer than 10 pages and in PDF format. The required documents for phase two must be submitted no later than Thursday, November 30 by 5:00 PM Eastern Time. 

Judges are given submissions as-is to evaluate and determine the award recipient in each category. All nominees are encouraged to attend the 2024 Risk Management Conference in Austin, TX where the ACI-NA Risk Management Professional of the Year awards will be announced and awarded to each recipient.

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2019 - Trisha Sqrow, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
2022 - Jocelyn LaBove, Houston Airport System
2023 - Ella Rice Moultrie, Charlotte Douglas International Airport


If you have any questions, please contact Risk Management Committee Secretary Pragun Pande at ppande@airportscouncil.org