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  1. What is the ACI-NA Finance Professional of the Year Award Program?
    The ACI-NA Finance Professional of the Year Award Program recognizes airport professionals who foster transparency in financial reporting, meet minimum requirements in reporting airport financial and benchmark data, and demonstrate sound financial leadership at their airport.
  2. Who can nominate?
    Candidates may be nominated by any ACI-NA airport or associate member. However, a maximum of one candidate can be nominated by the same individual member for each airport category. The nominee’s Chief Executive Officer must acknowledge awareness and acceptance of the nomination in a signed letter.
  3. Is self-nomination acceptable?
  4. Is there a fee to nominate a candidate in ACI-NA Finance Professional of the Year Award Program?
    There is currently no fee required to nominate a candidate.
  5. Does a candidate for this award have to have the title of CFO?
    No. While CFOs or those holding a current financial leadership position are likely nominees, any finance professional who otherwise meets the eligibility requirements can be nominated.
  6. Can a previous nominee be nominated again?
  7. Can a previous award recipient be honored again?
    There is a 5-year grace period before another finance professional from the airport of a previous award recipient can be considered for the award.
  8. Is there a minimum term of service as a finance professional in their current role?
    Yes, they must have served at least two years in their current role.
  9. How do I nominate a finance professional for this award?
    To nominate, you should a) review the eligibility requirements; b) complete the online nomination form.
  10. Who will be judging the entries?
    An independent panel of experienced airport finance professionals will review each entry for the ACI-NA Finance Professional of the Year Award Program.
  11. How will the award recipient be notified?
    All nominees are encouraged to attend the 2024 ACI-NA Business of Airports Conference in Miami, FL. The award recipient will be announced at the awards gala dinner during the conference on June 12, 2024. 
  12. What will the award recipient receive?
    The award recipients will receive a plaque, and their accomplishments will be highlighted during the awards ceremony. A news release announcing the award recipients of the 2024 ACI-NA Finance Professional of the Year Award Program will be issued in June 2024. The award recipients may be asked to participate in a profile article to appear in various ACI-NA publications and subsequent interviews. Once the award recipients have been determined, the ACI-NA Finance Professional of the Year Award program will liaise with their organizations to facilitate the aforementioned promotion.
  13. What time period should be covered for the information submitted by the nominee?
    The judging panel seeks to identify and reward finance professionals who have had the greatest impact on their organization’s performance. While preference should be given to the nominee's recent accomplishments and contributions in the past 12 to 24 months, consideration may also be given to their past contributions to their organization, ACI-NA and other airports.
  14. What will be done with all of the information submitted?
    The information submitted as part of the award process will be kept confidential. Please see the confidentiality section. If a nominee is selected for an award, we may request permission to release certain information provided when making the award announcement.
  15. Where can I get more information about the award?
    Please click here.

    Direct any questions related to the award to:
    Liying Gu
    Email: lgu@airportscouncil.org
    Telephone: 202-861-8084