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Below are some tips and suggestions on the elements that make up a winning entry!

Title Page – Include title page in your PPT submission for each program/concept.

Airport Award – Name of Airport, Section of Airport under Consideration, Airport Logo & Category Name.

Concept Award – Name of Concessions Concept, Name of Company Operating Concept, Airport where the Concept is located & Company Name.

Photographs – Spend money on taking professional photographs or making sure you have a good
photographer on staff to accompany the entries. Judges don't want to see staged photos of staff/employees/travelers at concessions. Focus on interior and exterior shots and also on product pictures. Skip the “blurred” shots - shots of people using really slow camera shutter speeds.

Terminal Maps and Floor Plans – Include them in the PPT . Have a detailed map, with arrows to see where the concessions are in the terminal.

Sell the concept – Sell your theme and concession experience. 

Highlight your best concepts – Seems like a no-brainer, don’t hide your best concepts.

Make sure you’re in the right category – Visit our website for the list of past winners, which will give you great guidance.

Show us the money – Preferably with graphics in the PPT presentation! Use easy-to-read charts and graphs that back-up the financial numbers used in the submissions.  Make sure your numbers add up for the individual concept or entire concessions program

Don't submit multiple entries of the same concept – Pick one or two you think are the best in your group and go from there.

Be clear – Use arrows, diagrams, and clear graphical tools to bolster your PPT presentation.  Some entries last year had excellent “before and after” images, which were greatly appreciated.

Look at previous winners for clues – ACI-NA has the list of past winners on its website.  You could help your presentations a great deal by contacting past winners and asking to see what they did.

Show a diversity of stores – Don’t focus on certain concepts and seemingly ignore other ones.

Work with your airport or concessionaire partners on your presentation – Can be improved greatly if you run it past your landlord airport or your concession tenant, as applicable.

Cut the logo slides – Don’t take up a whole slide with a bunch of logos.  Replace them with actual photos of the concept.

Have someone independent actually look at your submission – It’s amazing how a fresh eye of someone that didn’t help put the presentation together could help make it better.  And run it by your marketing department too.

Use Videos – If available, judges are able to visualize the program/concept. You can provide us a YouTube or similar web link, to facilitate your entry’s review and consideration.

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